Sweet Sorrow is about life itself! Things we value, miss, admire and think are important. There is no Sweet without Sorrow. You will miss something when it’s gone.




Onder de naam ‘Sweet Sorrow’ heeft oprichtster Ria den Oudsten diverse activiteiten ontwikkelt die te maken hebben met het thema vergankelijkheid.

Sweet Sorrow is about all thins in life we take for granted. we will miss these things when the are gone, and will not return. We need to value things when we are enjoying life.

‘Sweet Sorrow was started by Ria den Oudsten, years living in Canada, there is was that  ‘Snowmancity’ was born. Amazing to make big snowman, and bringing them to life to be an inspiration for everyone. Stop complaining about the cold, snow and ice, start enjoying it, it will be lost before you realize.

The snowman with the accordeon was the winner in 2002 als came to life as inspiration for paintings and logo of Sweet Sorrow.

Even now the snowman is long gone, it will be remembered by all the sounds and feelings from Sweet Sorrow.


Snow is the source of inspiration for the theme Sweet Sorrow 2 ways.

Romantic paintings from Steve R. Mitts filled with little details. They show nostalgic feelings for the world of innocents, but will not back down for the cruel parts of life in the age of Shakespeare.

On the other side you have the painings of Brittani Faulkes. She telt the story of great beauty and soles of nature untouched. Soft warm colors to emphasize the snow.

There is a strong visual contrast of technic. Be inspired by the one or the other, Sweet Sorrow is the binding factor.

Sweet Sorrow paintings of Steve R. Mitts

the Canadian landscape has always been an inspiration for Sweet Sorrow. It started with 10.000 snowman contest in 2002 in Winnipeg, the heart of Canada. The build of life-size snowmen was the inspiration for many schools.
the painter Brittani Faulkes uses a beautiful color palet to express the Canadian landscape.

Sweet Sorrow paintings of Brittani Faulkes

Sweet Sorrow Award

The next step for Sweet Sorrow was to put al inspiration and ideas into words. Words of a song, because no matter your age, songs are strongly embedded into our brains. And hearing songs and singing songs will learn you something about yourself and life in general!

In 2016 this ment Sweet Sorrow was enriched with old melodies and new words. Word to let you see and hear about the thins we are missing out on. Check the paintings, read the lyrics and think about your values.

There are some videos uploaded to show you kok you can go about this contest. Listen and see what is expected of you when you want to be a finalist in the Sweet Sorrow Award contest. Also it will show you the kind of singing we prefer.
Award 2016
Finale 2016

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To participate in the contest you will need to sing a special song from Sweet Sorrow..

On Sweet Sorrow Homepage you can admit your video

Good luck and keep singing!!